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An investment in a SWAT Environmental Franchise provides the opportunity to join the leader in an emerging environment services industry. Your investment offers you to own and operate a business providing testing and mitigating radon gas in homes and water supplies, conducting soil gas mitigations for commercial projects and offering other indoor quality products to existing customers.


Our environmental service platform offers the potential for an attractive return on investment because the SWAT Environmental business model can provide margins by providing our great service at the right price. We are also the largest radon mitigation company in the United States which gives us a great advantage in providing leads and potential clients to your business. So your franchise will operate under a business format in accordance with a unique system, including our valuable know how, information, trade secrets, methods, Manual, trademarks/copyrights, sources and specifications, software, Internet usage, marketing programs and all research and development connected with an environmental service business.


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The Franchise Disclosure Document provides a complete and clear disclosure into all aspects on the SWAT Environmental business (in particular, the financial performance of the franchisee and franchisor.) We also welcome you to fill out the information from or call (517) 908-3277 to speak directly to a SWAT Environmental executive.







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The SWAT Management System is a web based software operating system that provides lead management, quote creation, inventory management, installation scheduling, bookings, technician management, dispatch/logistics and reporting. The SWAT Management System has been developed and improved with ten years of our operating history so you can hit the ground running and focus on the revenue growth and profitability of your business.


We know franchisee owners would need a customized and advanced operating platform that would support the growth of their business. With SWAT Environmental, you will be partnering with the most technologically advanced company in the industry. Our computerized operating system will give you nearly everything you need to run your business smoothly and profitably.

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