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Training / Startup and Thereafter

The SWAT Environmental franchise was designed to allow the entrepreneur to start their business and hit the ground running.  SWAT’s training program will teach you the basics, fundamentals, as well as the proprietary steps that have been proven to make for a successful business in the environmental and radon industries.  Not only will the SWAT Franchise Team get you started on the right track, but they will also support you for the long haul. 






Marketing / Call Center



Call Center

SWAT Environmental has developed a marketing platform that is unmatched.  Their advertising strategies are highly focused on lead generation.  Most business owners understand that big sales numbers start with a steady flow of qualified leads.  SWAT’s online presence buries their competition by using the latest and most-advanced localized keyword targeted search engine optimization.  Today, more customers are looking for service providers on the Internet than from any other media.  SWAT Environmental has worked diligently over the last 10 years to perfect an online marketing strategy that is effective at building brand recognition as well as generating a non-stop flow of qualified leads.


Experienced marketers know that a lead is only as good as a business’s ability to make contact and convert the lead to a sale.  SWAT Environmental has built a robust call center staffed with the most skilled salespeople that the environmental industry has ever seen.  As a SWAT franchisee, you will have the choice to operate your own sales call center, allow SWAT’s salespeople to take your calls, or a combination of both.  The SWAT franchise opportunity is flexible so you can build the business around your goals and operating strengths.  As the owner of a SWAT radon franchise, you may choose to focus your efforts on growing the business from the field and allow SWAT Environmental’s experienced salespeople handle your calls and schedule the jobs for your crews.  You can rest assured knowing that their in-house salespeople are the best closers in the industry (many have closing rates above 60 %.)  You’ll also feel good knowing that the SWAT call center can virtually handle an unlimited flow of incoming calls (so your customers will speak to live agents every time, even during peak call times when your competitor’s phones are going to voicemail.)



Operational Expertise / Residential & Commercial Support


Residential Radon Mitigation


SWAT Environmental was originally built as a residential radon mitigation company.  Over the years, SWAT saw an opportunity in the commercial and government sectors for radon mitigation and other environmental work.  Currently, residential radon mitigation accounts for approximately 75% of the work they perform.  The other 25% is made up of commercial, multifamily, government, and industrial work for radon as well as mitigation of other soil contamination (vapor intrusion.)  The non-residential division of the company continues to grow.  SWAT Environmental is one of the only companies in the U.S. that is staffed to handle large projects and as a result, they are quickly becoming the “go-to” team for governments and engineers to call when large projects need to be completed in a timely manner.  As a SWAT Environmental franchisee, you will receive support from the most experienced commercial and residential radon specialists.  They can assist on both the technical level (to assist in designing complex systems) and on a manpower level (dispatching mobile crews to assist in completing large projects.)  Whether you choose to focus your business on the residential side, commercial side, or both; SWAT Environmental will provide you will all the support that you will need to be as successful as possible.



Commercial Radon Mitigation



SWAT Environmental will not only train and support you on the technical aspects of installing radon mitigation systems, but they will also train and support you on the operational side of the business.  From quoting, to scheduling, to billing, and accounting; SWAT Environmental will make sure all of your bases are covered.  They have designed a proprietary, web-based operating system that integrates all of the functions of the business into one easy to use interface.  The software was custom-built specifically for SWAT Environmental so it works perfectly for all of the  functions of a radon mitigation business.  Since the software is web-based, you can remotely view robust reports or even run your entire business from anywhere in the world!  The technical team at SWAT Environmental will thoroughly train you and your staff on how to use the software and also provide ongoing support as your business grows.


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